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Stop Wasting Your Money

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Stop Wasting Your Money

Don’t Buy Timeclocks from Auction Sites

Companies in search of replacing their existing time and attendance systems discover that the clocks they were using with their older system are not compatible with their new system. The alternative, they believe, to save money is to buy their timeclocks from auction sites. Stop wasting your money – don’t buy timeclocks from auction sites!

There are several reasons why this is a bad idea.


Time and attendance systems are build to work with certain clocks. The clocks that integrate to the system are decided on in the design stage. This means you can not buy any clock, no matter the features or claims of the seller, and expect it to work with your time and attendance system.

Sounds straight-forward right? And yet the time and attendance buyer often ignores this fact and believes they will save money by purchasing timeclocks from auction sites. Timeclocks from auction sites are sold without return policies. After you discover you have timeclocks that will not work with your newly purchased time and attendance system, you’ve lost the money. And now, you must purchase new timeclocks that are compatible with your new system.


Another reason to not buy timeclocks from auction sites is that they don’t come with manufacturer warranties, no matter what the seller claims. Manufacturers do not warranty a clock owned by a party and sold to another. There is no way to tell if either party attempted to repair the timeclock themselves. This voids the warranty.


When it comes to buying new clocks that come with a new time and attendance system, purchasing clocks individually may appear to be costly, however, sellers with good reputations who have been around for decades offer packages that vastly reduce the cost of clocks, some offering incredible ‘at cost’ deals when you buy them at the same time you buy the system itself. There are Workforce Management companies out there that offer just that.

Buying new clocks at the time of purchase far outweigh the risk of buying clocks on auction sites. There are other things you can do to mitigate the costs up-front.

Save yourself money and heartache. Ask your seller about packages that include timeclocks.

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