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Touch-Free Time & Attendance

Workforce Management for Everyone.

This is the time to take control of your workforce labor management by eliminating buddy punching, tracking tardiness and early departure, extended lunches or break times… and all by controlled touchless devices that promotes safety, employee peace of mind and higher employer ROI.


COVID-19 has changed the management of our workforce. Today’s expectations from employees is for their employers to provide a safe environment and, for those who can now work remotely, employers require the need to track time on jobs and tasks without ever actually seeing the employee.

vIDix Labor is a key strategy for enforcing safety consciousness as well as allowing businesses to manage their employees both on and off-site.

On-site labor-tracking provides choices of utilizing touchless time clocks, allowing employees to punch with proximity cards or facial biometrics. Off-site allows employees to use their personal cell phones, laptops, notepads, and other devices to login. Employers have the power of knowing where their employees are by GPS-tracking and/or Geo-fencing. With offline punching capability, this is perfect for remote areas to clock in & out and make labor transfers while out in the field. Once the employee is back online, information is sent to their timesheet, all without touching a device that others have touched.


Stay COVID safety aware by staggering shift/start times to help avoid over-crowding at business entrances. Increase employee satisfaction and improve schedule accuracy vIDix Scheduler. Your employees will appreciate your concern for their safety and scheduling preferences. Studies1 have proven that overtime, absenteeism, and turnover costs are greatly reduced when employees are aware of their employer’s concern for their needs and safety

Let’s Get Back to Work. Safely.