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Thermal Imaging Cameras and Handhelds

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Body temperature is the leading indicator of COVID-19. Thermal Images can passively detect body temperatures that exceed the set threshold. Notifications to the person and/or to management can be set to alert the condition. Then pre-planned procedures can be followed.

To protect those entering a building, implementing a high-end temperature screening solution, will make screening safer, faster and smarter. With a thermal imager device, organizations can immediately detect a preliminary screening of elevated skin-surface temperatures of those entering the building with an accuracy up to +/- 0.5°F. With early detection, organizations can safely identify if those entering the building need further evaluation. The thermal imager focuses temperature measurement areas on human bodies to avoid false alarms caused by other heat sources. Using screening of elevated skin-surface temperatures instead of body temperatures protects individual’s privacy.

For increased safety, measurements are non-contact allowing measurements to be conducted from a distance of 3 to 18 feet away. Options for the thermal imager include a mounted or handheld device. These can be installed at an entrance, monitoring everyone that enters the building, detecting exceeding body temperatures for up to 30 people at a time. For further contact tracing, video recording can also be included.

In addition to heat detection, the thermal imager can also detect if the person is wearing a mask or not. If not, an alert can be sent to management to ensure policies for wearing masks in the building are being enforced.

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