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Touchless Access Control

Workforce Management for Everyone.

One of the easiest ways to make your employees feel safe and secure at work is to reduce as many contact points as possible at your facility. This can be accomplished by adding automatic door openers to common access points. These can be paired with your card readers and access control system to automatically open the door when a valid card read has been detected.
While most card readers are more or less touch-free, you can eliminate any possible contact by replacing them with long-range readers. These can detect credentials from distances from up to 6 feet or more. A long-range reader paired with an automatic door opener eliminates any contact point for that person entering the facility.

Once within the facility the same technologies can be used for internal secure doors. For non-secure doors, a Passive Infrared Reader (PIR) is paired with an automatic door opener. This is the same technology used by Target, Walmart or any other big box retailer to automatically open the doors. In these cases, they are generally sliding doors. The PIR detects your presence and a signal is sent to the automatic door opener to once again eliminate any contact points.

Another touch-free option is to upgrade your existing card readers with ones which work with credentials stored on your phone. Because of the wireless technologies used within the phone the reader can detect credentials from several inches to multiple feet ensuring again no contact between the credential and reader.

There are also new touch-free button options available. With certain lock types a user had to press a button to pass through or exit a secure door. Instead of touching the button the user now waves their hand from a safe distance in front of the button unlocking the door and eliminating the touch point.

Touchless Access Control is only a phone call away.