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AssetHR | Employee Legal Aid & Identity Theft
The Human side of human resources: These days, it seems like you can’t turn on the TV without hearing about stolen identities, data breaches and life-altering hacks — making it very difficult for individuals without a strong identity theft program to remain safe and secure. Through Workforce Control Solutions you can offer your employees  Legal Shield and ID Shield, that will provide a sense of personal security.

Legal Shield
Legal Shield gives you access to legal protection that’s affordable. From real estate to speeding tickets to will preparation and beyond, we’re here to help you with any personal legal matter – no matter how traumatic or trivial it may seem. Legal Shield gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any personal legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs. Even better, you don’t have to worry about figuring out which attorney to use – we’ll do that for you and provide 24/7 access for covered emergencies.

ID Shield
Identity theft has been one of the top consumer complaints filed with the FTC for 16 years straight. Victims are spending an exorbitant amount of time and money dealing with it. Your identity is monitored from every angle – and if any change in your status occurs, you receive an update immediately. If a compromise occurs, your Licensed Private Investigator will immediately begin restoring your identity to pre-theft status. Millions of people lose their identities every year. Let us help make sure you’re not one of them.

Unemployment Cost Management
Our partner is a provider of unemployment cost management services with experience dating back to 1965.  A full suite of unemployment management services allows businesses of any size to dramatically reduce their state unemployment costs.
Employment and Income verification is also provided, offering a cost-free, automated solution for employers in any industry, to alleviate the burden all types verifications and to generate fast, objective and accurate information to better serve their employees and the verification community.

Employee Benefits Administration
Today over 2,000 employers and 600 carriers trust this partner every day, to improve their benefits experience. The leading-edge plug and play solutions easily integrate with any other silo solutions you may have turning your Benefits Administration into a full featured, fully transparent, and fully automated solution.

Let us help you with the Benefits Enrollment, Carrier Connections, 401k and other Financial Integrations, COBRA Administration, Benefits Reconciliation, Invoice/Billing, or New Hire Reporting needs today. The company’s philosophy is that technology should make life simpler, more rewarding, and more enjoyable.

Global  Cash Cards
Global cash cards provide 100% paperless payroll or direct deposit solutions for W-2 or 1099 contractors through prepaid Visa or prepaid MasterCard paycards. Whether you are looking for a payroll solution, per diem, travel and government cards, or gift or incentive cards, we have an easy, customized solution for you.

Custom Learning Experiences
Looking to bring new staff up to speed, improve task-specific competence, or roll out a new system? Creating custom learning experiences like eLearning, instructor-led workshops, games, and videos doesn’t mean pulling existing materials off the shelf and simply adding your logo or brand. That’s one way to provide learning, but not our way.

Creating custom learning experiences, begins with studying your business, your industry, your employees, and customers. With in-depth analysis, delivery wors across a variety of industries. Learning experiences are created that work well for you and only you. A new era. A new way to learn. Forget training, think custom learning experiences.

Identatronics | Badges, Cards and Printers
Our partner is a leading manufacturer of cards and badges intended for a wide range of applications and markets.
Their staff combined has over 100 years of experience to ensure the card product you want, is the product you need; from basic identification to multi-technology card components. We have card products for single use or multiple door access, conference, event, parking, gift, or loyalty applications. Tell us what you need and we’ll do the research for you.

Great Hiring Starts Here! Our partner set the standard in recruitment software. It’s the Applicant Tracking System you need to recruit better candidates, get more organized, and make great hires.  Organize your recruiting process, eliminate spreadsheets, and the busy work. Since 2009, our partner has raised the bar in recruiting software with innovations that have become industry-standard.  They were the first company to put powerful, yet easy-to-use recruiting software in the hands of startups, growing companies, and even presidential campaigns.

Legal Contracts & Agreements
Managing legal contracts of all types is a tall task. To help review and decode dozens of pages of legal jargon with complicated prospective client or vendor agreements, businesses of all sizes need constant legal advice and assistance. As an online and on-demand legal resource, our partner offers a better option to assist with your corporate legal needs. They help protect your business and assist you with the time-consuming and risky process of drafting, reviewing and advising on corporate contracts and related agreements (leases, NDA’s licenses), business law issues, and collections. Staffed with world-class corporate attorneys covering all 50 states and federal laws, and offered at a “flat” monthly subscription rate, this solution provides quality service at a very reasonable cost.

Human Resource and Employment Legal Support
With a focus on the daily HR and employment legal questions that you don’t have time to worry about, our partner provides unlimited first-class support to your qualified HR and legal professionals from experienced attorneys; all for a “flat” monthly subscription fee. You’re provided support in the following areas: HR Management, Employment Law Compliance, Employee On-Boarding, Employee Off-Boarding, and related Legal and Business issues.

Advanced FMLA and Absence Management
Cloud-based solutions that simplify absence management. Solutions that are continuously updated with over 450 pieces of federal and state leave legislation, including FMLA and ADA. Users are easily walkedthrough the leave process with automation to increase efficiency, minimize absence, reduce cost, and above all, strengthen compliance.

Background Screening & Drug Testing
Let Workforce Control Solutions take the stress of background screening and onboarding off your mind. With FCRA compliant background checks, drug screening, eVerify, and I-9 verification you can be assured that you are hiring qualified candidates of the highest caliber.  Our numerous services, such as SSN validation, National Criminal Record search, National Registered Sex Offender search, Education Verifications, and Employment Verifications, ensure corporate safety and security.  We can help to reduce on the job fraud, negligence, theft, violence, and abuse. All background screening packages can be customized for the specific needs and requirements of your company.

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