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Why Time and Attendance Matters to Everyone

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Why Time and Attendance Matters to Everyone

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When someone punches in for somebody else before they arrive to work so they won’t show up as late, that’s costing you money. Someone walks off the campus and punches out after leaving the company grounds, that’s costing you money. When someone doesn’t punch and someone else needs to remind them or correct their error later, that’s costing you money. These are reasons why time and attendance matters to everyone.

Company policies matter. Employees should care about checking all of the boxes off of their task lists, including tracking their time so the company bottom line improves and rewards can be distributed. The amount of effort is easy for employees today. The excuses for not punching today are gone.

Your solution should be capable of enforcing your company time policies. Your software solution should be able to enforce your company’s time policies, including where an employee is when they can punch and when the employee is attempting to punch. You can prevent employees from cheating you out of hard earned dollars. You can reward employees with a task so easy, they’ll willingly comply.

And when it comes time to running your payroll, an integration so simple, it shouldn’t matter what payroll you’re using. Checks are printed and distributed in 6 minutes. How easy is that?!! There are many reasons why time and attendance matters to everyone.

Workforce Control Solutions can provide you with a time and attendance solution that does all of these things. vIDix Labor works with virtually all Payroll Companies. You can process payroll and head home early.

WCS provides end-to-end solutions for your company. From Human Capital Management (HCM) to Time & Attendance to Payroll. WCS has a state-of-the-art solution that is both affordable and easy to manage. Anything is possible.