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Employee Self Reporting

Workforce Management for Everyone.

With a self-reporting tool, employers can help keep the workplace safe, by following health department recommendations that every employee be assessed for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors each day before entering the workplace. Allow employees to respond to known COVID-19 indicators and record their temperatures from any mobile device. The information can flag potential concerns and allow the employer to plan the best response with the employee before they report to work.

vIDix iReport makes it easy to stay in compliance with the COVID-19 Self-Reporting Guidelines. iReport has a built-in process flow to keep the organization and employees on track with self-reporting. This helps to relieve some of the day-to-day stresses and burdensome tasks of employee management during this difficult time.

Via smart phone, tablet or pc, employees respond to health questions and record their temperature. When an employee’s responses require follow-up, notification is immediately sent to the person or team designated by the organization to further investigate and determine if the employee should report to work. iReport information can integrate with vIDix Control, Ban-Koe’s door access solution and prevent employees who have not self-reported or have unresolved indicator flags from entering the building.

vIDix iReport will record each event with date/time stamp for future reporting and analysis. This means detailed analysis can be run at any time to see the response time for each cycle and event. You will know day-to-day how the self-reporting process is going along with any employees taking their time to respond to each request.

Let’s get back to work. Safely.